Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Huge turquoise cabochon ring

Finished this one today. Huge turquoise cabochon, 25 carats.

More Free Jewelry Making Tutorials from Jewelry Making

Hi, this link is the free resource page for you will need to sign up for a free account to access these resources.

Their free tutorials include top notch designs, just take a look at these as an example:

 .... and this one is my favorite!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Soldering a Copper Amazonite ring

An OTT (over the top) design I've been playing around with, I can't sit at my bench long enough to get anything done.  My silly right arm is still killing me, stupid tendonitis will not go away! 
It's not finished yet, need to attach bezel to ring, I swear if it isn't my tendonitis it's my neck causing migraines because I need to look down at my hands for more than five minutes!!! Sorry for the negativity, it's just so annoying to not be able to work on my projects. That's enough out of me. Thanks for listening ;^)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Brass copper and Malachite with Chrysocola

Made this the past two days, had fun. The bezel is brass the ring shank is copper and the back plate for the bezels copper the stone is a Malachite with Chrysocola  cabochon.  From what I've been able to dig up, this combo is allegedly rare???? If there are any rockhounds reading this please school me if I am mistaken or even if I'm not. :^)

Monday, June 22, 2015

Free Wire Wrapped Ring Tutorial

I made this tutorial for Carla Olson, hope you like it!

Eni Oken tutorials

Hi I just completed a tutorial by Eni Oken I have been waiting months to remember to do LOL, I finally remembered to purchase her tutorial at for only $4.99! So affordable and such a great pattern I love it! I especially like her ring she makes in the tutorial, amethyst and silver go so well together, check it out.

I used an untreated turquoise cabochon that I had to reinforce by adding a copper plate beneath so it has more support since turquoise untreated is very fragile.

Eni Oken's square cab ring

Eni Oken is a creative force of nature you really have to take a look at her designs they are very nice ;^)

Filigreenus & Old World Silversmithing Techniques

Hi Everyone! Since we are jewelry artisans that use A LOT of metal, I think it's important to keep the old knowledge of metal smithing/weaving/etc... alive. Now that we live in the age where knowledge is literally floating in the air around us and all we need to do is pluck it down with our smartphones  any one of us can become a virtual apprentice, it's so easy to learn now. We don't have to be born into a trade like our ancestors did, we can just do it because we love it!

Here are some great resources:

This artist, Guido Graeff, has made tutorials showing ancient metal smithing techniques and granulation tutorials
Check out some of his reproductions! and more reproductions.

His videos are really nice, they are not your typical tutorial but thats why I like them, you get a glimpse at his beautiful country life. A pond filled with large gold fish, two cats being cats of course "^.^" and he makes his own music!!! Talk about a renaissance man. His music is great, it actually really helps me concentrate, since I have ADD it can be a challenge too at times LOL

This is a list of his videos check them out if you are interested in ancient gold silver smith techniques

Friday, June 19, 2015


Pennabilli is Italian silversmith Mario Cesari, he has made some wonderful tutorials! They are in Italian, but you can use a Chrome browser to auto translate for you.... just install Chrome if you haven't already and open the Pennabilli website in it, it will ask you if you wish to translate it.

Ciao ;^)

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Just saying that makes me giggle. When I created these designs I wanted something that was more of an intuitive experience for me rather than planning out a pattern and maybe having a few failed attempts at perfection before hand???

So I wanted to make something that was mature, graceful, but also playful and completely unpredictable.  So I rummaged thru my cabochon treasures and pulled out the big ones. The ones that yelled out, "Hey! Me, Me, PICK ME!" I pulled some 18 g wire and just let my hands create without interfering.......... And then there was SUPERCHUNK!!! (I need a narrators voice with lots of bass and echoing reverb to say that)


American made cabochons

I am all about supporting American artisans. America has been dependent on imports for far too long and we as a country have forgotten how to produce our own goods to our detriment.
I am not going to get political since this a jewelry blog only ;^) but it is important for us to help keep each other in business.

I want to feature another American cabochon designer I just found today on Etsy Geoffrey Hubbs, if you know of any good ones please add them in comments, I would love to know of them.
These two cabochons are so beautiful! 
Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper Freeform Cabochon from California  24x30x7mm Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper 24x30x7mm

Lapis Lazuli freeform cabochon from Afghanistan 19x33x6mmLapis Lazuli freeform cabochon 19x33x6mm
Red Jasper Freeform Cabochon from Morgan Hill California 22x40x6mm Red Jasper freeform cab 22x40x6mm
These cabochons are huge and super affordable, if you don't buy them I will. So look out!

Talk about a dream team, this husband and wife duo  Carol and Robert Sharp, both produce cabochons and jewelry for their Etsy shop Sharp Design Studios 
Just look at this one! Man Azurite is my favorite! And this one too! 

Deschutes Jasper - rare natural gemstone, handmade cabochon This is a rare Deshcutes Jasper cabochon 52x27mm!!!
Rare green Uvarivite druzy gemstone set in sterling silverRare Green Uvarivite Druzy 76x22mm
 Orbicular Poppy Jasper gemstone set in sterling silverOrbicular Poppy Jasper 50x35mm

This is Carla Olson of Rocklvr57, her lapidary skills are self taught. I have a spot in my heart for all us self taught artisans ;^) !!!  OOOoooweee! Look at this one! She also sells rough slabs for you to cut your own cabs. I can't wait to get some grinding wheels!
Sonora Sunrise Chrysocolla


Indian Paint Stone Abstract Freeform cabochon  HIGH GRADE   75  ct*
Indian Paint Stone


Sonora Sunrise Chrysocolla/Cuprite/Quartz Freeform cabochon  BIG n BOLD    154 ct
Sonora Sunrise Chrysocolla


Check out SkyhawksCabsDesigns James Chisum is a lapidary craftsman and a silversmith. Look at these cabochons! I love this piece, how the pendant hugs the curves of the opal cabochon.

Starlight.  Carved Opal, Mercury Mist Topaz and Sterling Silver Pendant.
Starlight, Carved Opal, Mercury Mist Topaz

Designer Piranha Agate Cabochon.  Collector piece.
Designer Piranha Agate

Plume Agate unknown source

  I am not being paid in any way to promote these people, I JUST LOVE ROCKS!



free wire wrap tutorials

I was searching about and found a site that has a huge amount of free tutes for wire wrapping, from what I see it's all very basic beginner stuff tho... yes I spell though tho lol. Definitely an english word that needs to be updated ;^)

Here's the link

Also Bikerrandy does a great fully detailed free tute of a traditional wire wrapped pendant, I also see he does designer cabochons! I have to check him out. I love them stones His Etsy is empty at the moment. We can check back later.

Check out one of his sales, this cab is beautiful, I've never seen anything like it before.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015

JewelryMakingJournal & "the beautiful cabochon"

Hi! Here is my latest article for Rena Klingenberg's Jewelry Making Journal! Alicia Rivera just emailed me. She works so fast.

It's about the intimidating beauty of turquoise and my rebellious spirit LOL

Kate Richbourg!

Humming Birds Supply

I have literally scoured the net for these items and finally found them at a kindred soul's Etsy shop

I have had a heck of a time finding thin gauge copper solder wire (NOT BRAZING RODS I CANNOT CUT) lol, and copper bezel wire to make bezels with. All I could find was copper tape with adhesive on it people use for computer soldering or to keep slugs and snails off of potted plants.

Any way I read Margarets profile and it touched me, I know what it's like to have your creative spirit driving you and not having the supplies, funds, tools to accomplish your projects lol... sorry do I lol alot. Any way, something about her, she just seems really sweet.  Go look at her other Esty shop with her actual jewelry creations in it.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Luis F. Moreno

I think silversmithing is the next step in wire wrapping and will integrate it into wire wrapping techniques.

So I want to share a wonderful teacher I found on YouTube who has tirelessly created over 50 silversmith tutorials for FREE! This link is only his jewelry videos.

If you watch his videos please consider donating to his paypal account
This is his account page 

He uses very basic tools, so it's easy to follow his tutorials. His designs are very simple and beautiful also. He is self taught and very creative.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Copper swirls set

Took a while but it's finished ; ^)
Not sure if I like this finish tho, will probably change it. Take a look.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Free Wire Wrapping Tutorials

Go Art Yourself Nicole Hannah has a few very good tutorials plus her tutorials for sale are an excellent bargain

AmandaJewls1 Free tutorials for wire weaves

Oksana Trukhan  of Ursula Jewelry has a few really good ones too

CLSdesigns has a load of great tutorials

AlanDean has some great wire wrapping tutorials, his designs are TIGHT!

LizKreate of course has dozens and dozens!

A good one by Oksana124

and last but NOT LEAST

Beaducation has a few good weaving tutes,

Oh and Archidee does too, but they are in Italian, but you can just watch and learn ok ;)


Wow I've posted so much today, I can't do any wire work my darn elbow is taking a day off :^(

Oksana Trukhan and Nicole Hanna

Speaking of 'OMG Artists' I forgot to put Oksana Trukhan up here!
And Nicole Hanna
 They are both design genius's, I am totally in love with the work they do, they are truly amazing.

Great tips from Anvil Jewelry

I've been reading her articles they're really great.
I was reminiscing about back in 1997 when I used to work with metal nobody heard of using non toxic pickles or flux so I'm really fascinated with the fact that we can do that now.

Another OMG Artist ;^)


I found her on JMJ of course lol, she is brilliant check her out! Some of her chain designs I have never seen before.

Fine Silver

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Online Jewelry Academy

Have you ever heard of Professor John Ahr? He has provided an enormous amount of helpful tutorials. You can see his videos here

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Jewelry and Coffee with Rena

If you haven't found JMJ then try it.
I like Rena's series of mini videos with helpful hints, quandaries or inspirational topics.
I'm sure you will enjoy it too.
PLUS, this is a link to Rena's FREE tutorials!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Liz Kreate and her cornucopia of tutorials

Liz Kreate
I also love watching Liz Kreate her works of art on her youtube channel that is generously full of free tutorials. I have learned alot from her, check her out.
more tutorials
One of my favorite tutorials by Liz Kreate

Remy Heath & StudioHeath More excellent tutorials by a very talented artist, Remy Heath

Amanda's Jewellery: Coiled Coil Bead & others

Amanda's Jewellery: Coiled Coil Bead
She has excellent tutorials, very neat and professional. Clear color photos and easy to read PDF with instructions.

Monday, June 1, 2015

this weeks OMG artist

All I can say is wow!!!