Thursday, June 18, 2015

American made cabochons

I am all about supporting American artisans. America has been dependent on imports for far too long and we as a country have forgotten how to produce our own goods to our detriment.
I am not going to get political since this a jewelry blog only ;^) but it is important for us to help keep each other in business.

I want to feature another American cabochon designer I just found today on Etsy Geoffrey Hubbs, if you know of any good ones please add them in comments, I would love to know of them.
These two cabochons are so beautiful! 
Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper Freeform Cabochon from California  24x30x7mm Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper 24x30x7mm

Lapis Lazuli freeform cabochon from Afghanistan 19x33x6mmLapis Lazuli freeform cabochon 19x33x6mm
Red Jasper Freeform Cabochon from Morgan Hill California 22x40x6mm Red Jasper freeform cab 22x40x6mm
These cabochons are huge and super affordable, if you don't buy them I will. So look out!

Talk about a dream team, this husband and wife duo  Carol and Robert Sharp, both produce cabochons and jewelry for their Etsy shop Sharp Design Studios 
Just look at this one! Man Azurite is my favorite! And this one too! 

Deschutes Jasper - rare natural gemstone, handmade cabochon This is a rare Deshcutes Jasper cabochon 52x27mm!!!
Rare green Uvarivite druzy gemstone set in sterling silverRare Green Uvarivite Druzy 76x22mm
 Orbicular Poppy Jasper gemstone set in sterling silverOrbicular Poppy Jasper 50x35mm

This is Carla Olson of Rocklvr57, her lapidary skills are self taught. I have a spot in my heart for all us self taught artisans ;^) !!!  OOOoooweee! Look at this one! She also sells rough slabs for you to cut your own cabs. I can't wait to get some grinding wheels!
Sonora Sunrise Chrysocolla


Indian Paint Stone Abstract Freeform cabochon  HIGH GRADE   75  ct*
Indian Paint Stone


Sonora Sunrise Chrysocolla/Cuprite/Quartz Freeform cabochon  BIG n BOLD    154 ct
Sonora Sunrise Chrysocolla


Check out SkyhawksCabsDesigns James Chisum is a lapidary craftsman and a silversmith. Look at these cabochons! I love this piece, how the pendant hugs the curves of the opal cabochon.

Starlight.  Carved Opal, Mercury Mist Topaz and Sterling Silver Pendant.
Starlight, Carved Opal, Mercury Mist Topaz

Designer Piranha Agate Cabochon.  Collector piece.
Designer Piranha Agate

Plume Agate unknown source

  I am not being paid in any way to promote these people, I JUST LOVE ROCKS!



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