Friday, June 5, 2015

Free Wire Wrapping Tutorials

Go Art Yourself Nicole Hannah has a few very good tutorials plus her tutorials for sale are an excellent bargain

AmandaJewls1 Free tutorials for wire weaves

Oksana Trukhan  of Ursula Jewelry has a few really good ones too

CLSdesigns has a load of great tutorials

AlanDean has some great wire wrapping tutorials, his designs are TIGHT!

LizKreate of course has dozens and dozens!

A good one by Oksana124

and last but NOT LEAST

Beaducation has a few good weaving tutes,

Oh and Archidee does too, but they are in Italian, but you can just watch and learn ok ;)


Wow I've posted so much today, I can't do any wire work my darn elbow is taking a day off :^(

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