Monday, June 22, 2015

Filigreenus & Old World Silversmithing Techniques

Hi Everyone! Since we are jewelry artisans that use A LOT of metal, I think it's important to keep the old knowledge of metal smithing/weaving/etc... alive. Now that we live in the age where knowledge is literally floating in the air around us and all we need to do is pluck it down with our smartphones  any one of us can become a virtual apprentice, it's so easy to learn now. We don't have to be born into a trade like our ancestors did, we can just do it because we love it!

Here are some great resources:

This artist, Guido Graeff, has made tutorials showing ancient metal smithing techniques and granulation tutorials
Check out some of his reproductions! and more reproductions.

His videos are really nice, they are not your typical tutorial but thats why I like them, you get a glimpse at his beautiful country life. A pond filled with large gold fish, two cats being cats of course "^.^" and he makes his own music!!! Talk about a renaissance man. His music is great, it actually really helps me concentrate, since I have ADD it can be a challenge too at times LOL

This is a list of his videos check them out if you are interested in ancient gold silver smith techniques

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