Friday, July 3, 2015

American Lapidary Artisans post 2

Rod from Foxcabochons has a great selection at super prices, he has 42 years of experience at making cabochons.  I had to put a cab on reserve for myself ;^).... so you can't have it! LOL but seriously check out these selections I found that I thought you would like.

Dino Bone (DB112814)

Dino Bone

I love the red and brown shades. Who knew Dino bones were so pretty :^)


Crazy Lace Agate (CLA052115) 


This shape is great, the natural space in the cab is pretty cool

 Agate Cabochon (A061915)
 I love the sharp point on this one and the dark colors.

Take a look at the beauty of Elementaldesigns!!! Denise's cab's are works of art, the type of cabochon's that wind up in a serious collectors display or a museum. Incredible stones!  She is self taught and has a great eye for design.


and since I am crazy for those Sonora Sunrise Chrysocola cab's I will add one to this post too, I loooove it...
Sonora Sunrise Cabochon Red Cuprite With Touches of Chrysocolla

I found Jim at CabochonDesigner he has a great selection of cab's he has made for super reasonable prices.

Kingman Purple and Blue Turquoise Infused with Bronze Cabochon

Kingman Purple and Blue Turquoise Infused with Bronze Cabochon

Top Grade Kingman Spiderweb Turquoise Oval Cabochon

Top Grade Kingman Spiderweb Turquoise 

 These are ancient pottery shards Jim has made into cab's

 Mata Ortiz Pottery Shard Cabochon for Jewelry

 Plus I also ordered some preforms from James of MojaveJimTradingPost
I couldn't believe how low his prices were I was able to pick some great preforms for my beginning rock/cab collection! I am so excited to get my shipment ;^) I am loving picking out preforms, they are so beautiful just as they are in my eyes.

 Agate Preform Cabochon

 Brecciated Agate Preform Cabochon

 Priday Agate Preform Cabochon
alot of these are under $3.00! I was so excited to find his shop, I have a new addiction,... rocks! 

I am not being paid in any form to promote these people. I just love rocks and the artisans who try to support themselves and thier families with it. We NEED to support each other by buying from each other. We need to start producing our own goods and help each other stay in the game. 
"create and prosper!"  lol I'm such a dork ;^) .... but seriously

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