Monday, August 31, 2015

American Lapidary Artists post #4

So I found an incredible lapidarist and wire jewelry maker, Tela of TelaFormosa.
You can visit her cabochon shop here. 
I asked her a few basic questions:

1. How long have u been a lapidarist?
 I have been cabbing since June 2012, but I have been a keen collector for more than 15 years. Actually, I still collect cabs, whether I cut them or not. 

2. Are u self taught, or did you apprentice?
I am mostly self taught. I bought a cab from a guy online and it turned out that we live close to each other, so we met and he offered to show me how to cab on his cabbing machine. I spent a fantastic Sunday afternoon with him and I was hooked. It wasn't long before I purchased my own machine.

3. What inspires your wire work jewelry?
Oddly, I have always been inspired by classical silversmithing work.
 I always seem to draw the most inspiration from silver and gold work similar to what is seen at Bernardine Fine Art Jewelry online. I like a clean, simple, streamlined look which let the stones shine through.

4. Are your Etsy shops a full time job or a hobby?
I am a wife, mother and grandmother firstly. The rest, I squeeze in.

I have been learning how to silversmith, too.

Rare Ocean Jasper Cabocon, Ocean Jasper Cab Pendant Stone, Marquise, Designer Cab, Custom Cab Natural Stone Cabochon Hand Cut Jewelry Supply

Rare Deschutes Jasper Cabochon Large Picture Stone, Pendant Stone Designer Cabochon Custom Cabochon Natural Stone Cabochon Hand Cut Handmade
Graphic Snowflake Obsidian Cabochon Natural Glass Gray Spots Black Pendant Stone Freeform Designer Cabochon Natural Stone Cabochon Handmade

 Here are a few of her beautiful wire pieces

Gemmy Kabamby Ocean Jasper Pendant Green Natural Stone Cabochon Pendant Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Jewelry Handmade Wire Wrapped Pendant



Sunday, August 23, 2015

Free ebook tutorials for jewelry making

Fantastic selection of jewelry making tutorials for free

How to create tube or other shaped gem settings from scratch

Saturday, August 15, 2015

IGS certification
Learn about Gemology, I have a goal in the next few years to become a certified Gemologist through IGS online course, it's very affordable and they have a huge library for all to utilize. If you are serious about gems and research I would recommend them highly.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Under $20 & Free Shipping

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sigh,.... moonstones

Today I finished a few rings I have been working on, had to take alot of breaks for my poor elbow  but they are done.
Made some new midi ring designs. I hand carved tiny hearts on the ends. The moonstone ring with matchstick ends is adjustable also.

My elbow :^(

So you've heard me complain about my tendonitis. Here's what I have found out, everything I was doing for it was wrong, the shots the bands the ice , the anti inflammatories etc...
Apparently inflammation is part of the healing process ok?, ok. So all the things I was told by my older Dr's to do wound up stopping the healing process. Apparently western medicine has not understood this yet, scientists are always the last to know lol. But I'm not posting to complain about my Dr's, they are sweet and we're doing what they were taught to do. Which is get rid of inflammation which is causing the pain. So I got three shots over two years, wore a band and used lots of ice and NSAIDs on my elbow. Now two years later my elbow has not healed and is weaker now than it has ever been. I can't even pick up a up of coffee without wincing from pain.
What I've learned....
The tendons don't have a blood supply like the muscles do, and take months or longer to heal. So cutting off any circulation like with a band is not good but that's just the least of it. The ice the NSAIDs and the shots do such a great job at killing the inflammation that healing stops and the -itis becomes an -osis ... What I mean is that now my tendons have begun to degrade instead of repair.

So if you're thinking of shots for your tennis elbow? Don't. Just do a web search for deep tissue release, Epsom salt soak, castor oil packs, and be patient. It could take a few months. The short term relief is not worth the sacrifice. If I had known I never would have ever gotten those shots.

What makes me happy

Carrie loves the ring I made her! I love that!!! ;^)

Sunday, August 2, 2015

More middie rings

But these are special because they have little opals. Yes, I made those tiny bezels by hand, but hey I love a challenge lol

Summer Amethyst

I'm so excited to have finished this. I've had the design in mind for about 3 weeks. Brushed satin silver and an amethyst point.