Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Victoria Albert Museum Cleaning Metals Basic Guidelines

So I've been etching sterling silver and did a web search for cleaning metals. I wanted to go to a dependable source for info on cleaning etched metals, not a site that just copies and pastes other sites that just copy and paste erroneous info. You know what I mean eh? lol (wink wink say no more eh?)

So who would know the proper way to care for precious metal objects than a museum that has been on top of the subject for nearly 150years?

This is the article:

I love this tip for disposing solvent soaked cotton from cleaning:
"A swab pot or small waste container (that can contain solvent fumes from used swabs). Take an empty soft drink can and label it on both sides 'used swabs'. To use, remove used swabs from the stick by pushing the swab into the hole and pulling the stick back against the edge of the opening. This will loosen the swab and it will then drop into the can. When the can is full leave it somewhere well ventilated to allow any solvent residue to evaporate, and then dispose of it in your household rubbish."

There are so many things I didn't know until reading this article, such as; porous surfaces of metals like sterling silver

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