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Interview with ALM Adriana Laura Mendez

 This is my interview with Adriana Laura Mendez. She teaches a new technique that I have not seen before. I just recently bought one of her tutorial packages that were on sale at her Etsy shoppe.  They are excellent, they included 4 videos and 4 PDF tutorials with clear detailed photos.
Tutorial Sale! $10

The technique you teach, how did you develop it?
This technique is a mesh of circles that are linked to each other, the mesh obtained has a uniform and delicate beauty. This pattern of mesh I discovered, through a friend that I have, modified it with my own variants and the result is a firm mesh and very beautiful and is perfect for weaving wire for use in jewelry. Over time remains unchanged, does not twist. It is an alternative for pieces of jewelry that stand out for not being conventional, every woman likes to wear jewelry that are unique pieces and this jewelry has this feature.

How long did it take you to perfect your crochet technique?   
Nine years ago I started working with handwoven wire crochet. My professional work was the design of green spaces, and after 20 years I gradually left the profession to devote to perfecting the mesh, and incorporate it into design. Achieving skill in the art has the same common feature: practice. During the first year I spent many hours hand-weaving until I had achieved knowledge of fabric tension and thus achieve a uniform mesh fabric. Until it no longer took many hours to reach the expected result.

Are there similar ways to crochet wire and how old are they. Do you know their history?

What I found similar is the use of wire, but not the mesh fabric. The ancient Etruscans and Greeks had used very fine gold or silver threads that intertwine with each other and welding them with small drops obtain thin pieces of lace, they called filigree. In ancient costumes some of the ornaments were with metallic threads as pieces of macramé. In France in the history of costume, the use of wire strands is applied only in embroidery. I've seen work woven wire but using machine knitters. But knitting with wire and craft crochet needle (no machines) are contemporary practices.

How long have you crocheted with wire?
The practice of my woven jewelry has been almost nine years, and I have four years with my son Julian who was interested in the marketing of my work. It was he who organized to transmit electronic books and tutorials. He is also the engine of my work, who organizes videos for YouTube and impels me when the local market disappoints me with its constant economic problems and lack of materials.

Where are you from?
I live in Argentina, we are geographically in the southern tip of South America, my residence is located in the City of Buenos Aires

When you want to create a new design and cannot come up with ideas, how do you overcome your creative block?
Luckily I do not suffer such crises. I do not make collections for seasons, and for that reason I am not subject to specific topics or delivery dates. My only creative block is not to have materials to work with, that creates a lot of frustration and I loose my imagination, have spent my energy.  Woven wire jewelry is limited only by the woven mesh. Waiting for the moment you begin the creative process of bringing innovation to incorporate precious gems, or combination of textiles for necklaces, and other materials.  The wire for weaving that I use is gold filled, silver and copper.

What country have your tutorials been most popular?
These tutorials have a defined age range where it generates more interest is between 35-60 years and is in the US.

When you take a break from work with your tutorials and crochet, how do you like to recharge your batteries or relax?
Since twelve years I play tennis, it's a sport I love and always play, it relaxes me and revitalizes. But I also like to read, nothing specifically current, issues of my country and the world.  I love the collection of designer fashion, I always find this talent magical, to create new costumes, as they can find new ways every year in garments that we wear, for hundreds of years, they always come up with something new!!!
And last but not least.... do you have words of wisdom for other ladies who are creating new crochet or wire techniques who want to take them to market?

We all have within us a spark. In any activity undertaken and anywhere in the world we find that we have the same characteristics, what makes us ignite that spark or light is the perseverance in our work, to achieve that perfection and that we will bear the fruit of achieving our objective. It may be the case of a very skilled woman with her materials and she achieves beautiful jewelry, but she is not as skilled at selling or marketing because she has not learned these talents. Or perhaps because their sole activity is only in the creating of things.  For the public to know your work, you need to know how to use the internet, how to take good photos, marketing etc. etc. In order for people to know of her so she can sell her creations she will have to learn about marketing and the internet, being forced to learn out of necessity something more than crochet with woven wire and crochet needle ...

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