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Yael Falk of and Yoola ISK wire jewelry knitting

Hi Everyone, just interviewed another innovator of wire jewelry. Yael (Yoola) Falk at, she is the creator of the ISK invisible spool knitting device we call Yoola ISK. I am a huge fan of the ISK and have been using all the different sized looms everyday since it arrived about three weeks ago. I am literally addicted to it. Not to mention that crochet is so calming to the soul. I love it, I can take it anywhere anytime, waiting in the doctor's office at a restaurant or while watching TV at night with my husband. I love it. These are the blog posts that show what I have made with the ISK's
Yael aka Yoola

How do you stay focused while at work? Do you have post it's every where LOL (I do) Do you put the phone on silent?  LOL.... I'm not the most focused person... and it is hard for me to do the same thing  for long, I always do several things in parallel , my phone is on silent only when I do Yoga or when i go to sleep. there is always potential distraction...

Cleopatra gold necklace

Say you want to create a new design and perhaps you can't come up with anything, how do you get past that creative wall so to speak?  Creative block is something that every artist or designer experience from time to time , luckily it doesn't happen to me very often, but when it does , I have several ideas to overcome it .

The most important thing is to embrace it and understand that it's a great opportunity to lean back and refill with inspiration . I love refilling my inspiration in 2 ways , one is going to the museum to forget about my work and see others , and the second is to go out to nature and breath......

If any of these don't help and I have a deadline I give myself design school missions , such as , take an object disassemble it and reassemble it .

I believe a creative person will always dig the way out of a block , because he has it within himself .
Wire crochet loom M,ISK invisible spool knitting starter tool $7.50

When work starts demanding more of your time, say you need to work a few 12 hour work days. How do you deal with that?  I'm not spoiled , and I don't mind working hard when needed , luckily I have a very supportive family , my hubby and kids respect my work and always help me go through such times . They both take off my day to day loads and even help if they can.
How do you recharge your batteries? Do you take a few days off and spend time at home, go on a weekend road trip?  To charge my batteries I need to go out , to my garden , to a walk and sometimes as far as the desert , which I find very effective . The emptiness is overwhelming and brings a lot of peace and quiet.
When you had that AhHAAA! moment and created the Yoola ISK, how long was it in testing and development stages? How long from creation to actually selling it?
  Geeee..... I don't have a ready answer for this one .... Let's see,

I guess the whole ISK starters product development probably took about 6 to 8 months , we made prototypes , tested them , produced the mold , these are long processes .

And to be frank it's a process that never ends actually , because there are always improvements to be made and the materials around the actual product , packaging , marketing materials and the sort.

 Is there a particular country that the Yoola ISK has become more popular in?  The Yoola ISK is popular all over the world , but it's accessible mainly to English speakers wherever they are . Basically because this is the language it is marketed in.

This doesn't mean that only people from USA, UK and Australia have access to it , but they are more likely to find them , after all the internet is such a jungle and it isn't easy to be found .

How to crochet a bezel Tutorial $18.50

And last but by no means least,... do you have any words of wisdom for other women in the maker/arts&crafts community who may have an idea or device they have created that they want to send to market?  Of course ! I think it's the most amazing thing when a maker has an idea for a product to support their craft, and they are willing to share it with others.  if they are not familiar with product development its good if they take it slow enough but not too slow…. test everything with prototypes so there are no mistakes. Its also important to keep aside energy and funds for marketing ….. Because its not enough you have a wonderful product you also need to get the word out there.

Luckily when I launched the ISK starters I already had a relatively large wire crochet community following my patterns, they embraced the ISK starters and I recovered quite quickly my investment,  this community keeps growing daily which gives me so much satisfaction. Spreading my wire crochet technique is one of the best things I have ever done J . 

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