Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Courtney Brooks

Flower in her hair ... a good night
My little sister is gone. She is missed beyond words. But she is no longer in the pain and suffering that plagued her soul everyday. The hurt that could not heal is no longer torturing her day and night. She is finally in a place where she can heal and rest and come to know the love of God/Christ Jesus/Holy spirit. They enfold her and plant the seed of a love so powerful so all encompassing that she forgets the trauma that broke her as a young teen. Those that hurt her have to wake up everyday and live with their rotten souls and in their hellish lives. She is no longer haunted by their hateful faces. She can relax into the warm healing light that Gods love places within us. She can sink into a dream that will never end. She is surrounded by eons of her ancestors that have been waiting to greet her and show her the new wonders of heavens kingdom. The dream gardens, the luminescent chimera pets, the whirring and singing bugs and birds that tickle and invite her to touch them. To awaken her soul to the wonders that have always been more real than this place we are in now. More real than any scrape of the knee or stone we feel in our hands. This painful inner life she lived is now a forgotten bad dream. She sleeps in this new realm and dreams of us. We can see her new joyous self in our sleep, in our sweet dreams that come in the night.
I love you Courtney.

Suzy her daughter and Isac her son

Dancing in the living room...

The little house that was bursting at the seams with youth.

You can't pick your family but you can pick your friends

She loved nature

Last year

Courtney and Bridgette

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