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Interview with Ivan Noguera of MANILLAS EN MOSTACILLA

Collar en mostacilla segunda parte

Hello everyone! I just interviewed Jorge Ivan Noguera Cordoba of MANILLAS EN MOSTACILLA. (Bracelets & Bead Necklaces)
Ivan has been making free tutorials to help people in his community create their own jewelry business's and create their own beaded jewelry making tutorials to help teach others. He has hundreds of tutorials! Check them out!

 I've been collecting his tutorials since I discovered them on YouTube about 6 months ago. And I really enjoy them, his instructions are clear and and easy to follow even if you don't speak Spanish.

He has many beautiful and classic seed bead netted collar tutorials. Which I am crazy about. The seed bead collar design is thousands of years old and I am obsessed with them.
These are a few examples of ancient beaded necklaces.

The Usekh collar, Broad Collar, c. 1336-1327 B.C.E.

Collar of Faience Beads Depicting Cornflowers, Dates, Lotus Seed-Pods, and Petals in a Pattern Derived from Garlands of Real Flowers. 1353-1336 BC
 There was a language barrier and I had to use software to translate, which is not always so accurate lol.

1. Why did you make your fine jewelry?
In the beginning it was a friend of my wife who taught me to make very small bracelets,
it was clear that I liked everything with jewelry. We worked
in very small handicrafts recycling in my school, but how I found the art of the
jewellery in particular is the seed beads that started to create designs. I would create pieces or tutorials and put them up on social pages 5 years ago already, May 22 will be the 5 year mark.
For 5 years I have been publishing our tutorials on social networks like YouTube and Facebook.
I remember that since childhood I liked fix bracelets for my aunts and play with the
beads as well as with macrame and related wire and nylon. Hand knitting and
the loom is how we started working the Czech seed beads and Bugle beads.

2. What inspired you to teach others free of charge with your tutorials?

For this question, it is very easy to answer I am a school teacher and what
I wanted at first was that my students learn this beautiful art of the bead necklaces.
then watch videos at home or on the school TV. Then learn that they could upload
their videos to the internet and share them with people so they can learn this special skill and knowledge that comes when one is to teaching. Then teach what they know to other people so they can improve their income and their standard of living.

3. Tell us where you live and why they wanted to help people set up their own business?

Live in el Tambo, NariƱo Colombia Municipality. It's cozy and lots of good people I like to help others to create their own business and as I said before to improve their standard of living and help  their families.

4. How do you make most of your sales? In person or online?
Most of the sales do them online more than all the Facebook social res and
YouTube. I do my sales by internet

5. Do you have an online store?
The only thing that I do is not published in free market and social pages.

7. When you have long hours working on your jewelry business how you manage?
What I do is find people to help me get my product so improved the standard of living of
other persons.

Is it a family business? Yes it is a family business

Do you have children who also help? The children are very small but I get help from Uncles and cousins.

8. How do you like to relax?
For me a form of rest is working on what I like, and that is teaching and teaching others to work with the seed beads, "seed beads are art " as my son says.

9. What are your hobbies outside of jewelry?
As I said before outside of jewelry also I work as a teacher at the Center.

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