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Adams Handcrafted Jewelry, Daryl Adams

Hi Everyone,  after a month or two hiatus I am back to interviewing incredible artists!

This is Daryl Adams of Adams Handcrafted Jewelry, Wire Art by Design.

 If you have not seen his work, you must! Check out his gallery of past work here.

Read his latest blog post about the value and history of wire wrapping here. 
I especially like his blog post about the Artists Prayer!

You can buy his creations here!!! 

When I found him and saw that he has only been working in jewelry for 18 months I was blown away. I had to talk to him. Here is the interview:

1. I love how you combine feminine with darker design elements like the horn shaped wire ends or hooks. Like this piece here below. What inspired you to do this combo?


I have always liked the look of edgy bold modern designs that are reminiscent of the sci-fi/fantasy/renaissance genres, but most jewelry in these categories don’t have that soft feminine appeal that most women enjoy. I try to incorporate the elements of both such as edgy points and soft flowing curves, which makes wire wrapping/ weaving an especially good medium for these types of designs.

2. I read that you only just recently learned how to make jewelry?! That is amazing, you're a wunderkind!    Your technique appears to be more advanced. Your work looks like you have been creating jewelry for several years!  Can you tell us about that? How did it all begin for you?
I have only been making jewelry for about 18 months now. I’m an artist by nature and have always expressed myself creatively by drawing portraits using pencil & charcoal, so making the leap to jewelry wasn’t as hard as I thought. I try to act like a sponge when it comes to jewelry making by soaking up every bit of information I can on technique and design. I happened to be on Deviant Art sharing my portraits when I ran across some wire wrapped jewelry in the art feed, and I was just blown away by this art form.  I did more research on the internet, pulled up some free tutorials that were available for download, bought a few hand tools to get started and off I went. Three weeks later I took a wire wrapped ring making class by a well-known jewelry artist at a local bead store and that’s when I was hooked.

3. In this field of jewelry making it seems like it’s mostly female makers. Have you noticed this, or am I imagining it lol? Who are your favorite wire wrapping dudes who make jewelry?

Yes, I have noticed this and it’s quite obvious that this is mostly a woman’s playing field, so for a man to enter this area is very unusual. I believe a man can bring something a little different to the table when it comes to jewelry design and still satisfy a woman’s need for something beautiful to wear. While I have many female artists that I admire, I do have a few “Dudes” that I follow as well, such as Chris Shelby of Sky Creations & Trey Nygaard of Swift Wire Works.
4. The wire wrapped bar that holds this pendant is really great! I cannot figure out what technique you used, it looks like wrapped coils but it looks woven? Could you tell us what you did to create this look? Only if you’re comfortable sharing your technique? I would love to know what you did.
This was actually made with a very simple “Over-Over” modified basket weave that was done in a circular fashion using six base wires. It was then rolled and twisted to achieve the desired look.


5. Do you ever get creative block? And how do you get past it?
I struggle daily with creative block. If I can’t come up with a viable design, then I simply walk away and find something else to do that occupies my mind. I usually read something unrelated to jewelry, listen to music or if the weather is nice, I go out for a walk. That’s usually enough to help clear my mind so I can start fresh. I also draw out most of my designs and then let them sit for a day or two. After doing so, I usually come up with changes to the original that I can then incorporate.

6. How do you inspire yourself before you get to work?
I think of some of my favorite Sci-fi/ fantasy & historical type movies and TV shows such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Star Trek and Outlander among others, then I sit down and tell myself “Don’t be scared now, let’s make something beautiful” and I begin.

7. What are some of your favorite stones to work with?
I love stones that are chatoyant with vibrant colors such as Labradorite, Moonstone, Tigers eye, Pietersite & Chrysoberyl.

8. Do you plan on making tutorials? I know I would love to buy one! :^)
Yes, I do plan on making tutorials some time in the near future, but as this is only a part time venture at present (my day job keeps me way to busy) I am constrained by time due to other obligations.

9. When you began learning wire wrapping what technique was the most challenging for you? Flat (Linear) and Circular Looping was and still is the most difficult for me. Everyone has their Achilles heel, and this technique seems to be mine. 

10. And finally last but by no means least, do you have any words of wisdom for other jewelry makers out there that may be intimidated by wire wrapping? Thinking it looks too hard for them to learn?

Never, ever be intimidated by wire wrapping. It’s a challenging artistic medium that with enough time and effort most beginning wire wrappers can pick up and excel at quickly if given the right information about tools and techniques. Remember, it’s only wire and if you mess up you can always straighten your wire back out and start over; believe me I have done it more times than I can count. Lastly, never ever be satisfied with your latest piece, always tell yourself “I will do it better next time”, and strive to improve your technique with each piece of jewelry you make. As my wife can tell you, I usually don’t like anything that I make; I’m a perfectionist when it comes to jewelry making, and I see all of my mistakes even though no one else usually can. Artists are their own worst critics and that’s what propels me to do better each and every time.

Adams Handcrafted Jewelry on the web:


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