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Making it Easy with Liz!

Hi all!
This little lady is a powerhouse of tutorial making productivity! I mean check out this Google Search result for her video tutorials!  
I'm talking about Liz Carter of 'Making it easy with Liz'

You can visit her here on Facebook

1. Before you began making jewelry, what was it that inspired you to start?
I have always been's my nature and I love learning new things. I happened to be walking by a bead store and went in to see what kind of classes they offered. I took a basic stringing class and was hooked.  My plain little necklace was nothing to be wowed over but I was proud at what I had made and I needed to learn more.

2. Before you began making your awesome tutorials and setting up shop, what was your ahHAAA moment that made you commit to doing it?
I am an American living in Nova Scotia, Canada in a rural community saturated with artisans, rug hookers, and very creative people.  My love of making jewelry and the fact that there was no source to buy quality supplies got me thinking that I would open a bead store. I still can't believe that I committed to it and followed through.  I opened "The Java Bead" in 2007 and offered quality jewelry making supplies, classes and locally roasted organic coffee.  It was a great success and I was open for 7 years. Alas, all good things must come to an end and the Internet ended up being my worst enemy. I was burnt out on teaching basic classes so I decided to make videos so I could recommend them to my customers.  I was hooked and that became plan "B" along with selling supplies online.

3. How is Cooper? Does he like the new puppy? lol
Ha ha...Cooper is an awesome little dude and he is the only one that really likes Jake, the new addition to our fur family.

4. Do you ever get a creative block? Annnd how do you get past it?
I would say the actual 'want' to make jewelry is more of an issue than creative block.  I'm really a lazy person and a procrastinator with a touch of ADD. If I'm not inspired, I can't get into it. Usually an idea will pop into my head or I will see something on TV and say "I can do that". Because I had to come up with new projects for classes in my shop, I was always creating in my head.

5. What are the pros and cons of running your online shop? How long has it been open?
Blue Kumihimo
My online store had been in the works for over a year before it was launched.  In my ignorance I let someone talk me into doing my website and it was an expensive nightmare.  I paid a lot of money for something I could have built myself.  Huge lesson learned.  The pros to running my online shop are that you are your own boss with no overhead and whatever schedule you want. I have full control over the inventory I want to carry and the possibilities are endless if you put the time and work into it. The cons are that I'm a lazy person and a procrastinator, big time! I find it very difficult to put the time into it that I should be, partly because I'm inexperienced in the e-commerce scene.  It's a whole different world working on the computer and one that I don't really know a lot about so I think I tend to get overwhelmed and shy away from it, which is really dumb and I'm working on that. I have lots of other things going on like a part-time job in a fabric store, managing two apartment buildings on top of our 4 cats, 2 dogs and a large property to maintain. Staying focused with a goal in mind is a must.

6. How do you recharge your batteries? How do you relax?
We live on a gorgeous lake and in the summer we enjoy our time on the water. Usually there is wine involved so I would say that is a large component to my relaxing.  I also love TV and we always have good stuff taped on the PVR.  Remember, I'm lazy LOL.

7. How do you deal with YouTube jerks lol? or difficult people who happen to be customers :^) ?
Green Kumihimo
I love YouTube and I'm always learning something new.  Like anything, there are always those that look for something to pick at.  I'm amazed at the little things someone will point out and I'm like "but did you learn anything?".  I know that some are just trying to help, but the video is done and their suggestions are pointless after the fact. When they are helpful, I thank them and try to explain why I did not do something but when they are jerks, I let them have it!  Sorry, it's my channel and if you want to be abusive to me, then you're going to get it right back and then I block them LOL.

8. Do you sell  your work at fairs or only online? How do you advertise, web or word of mouth?
I participate in a very nice craft show in November called "Petite Noel".  It's a classy show in Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia. Again, my horrible procrastination keeps me from really committing to any other means of selling my work. Once I'm pressured to produce, it's no longer fun.  I hope to add my wares to my website if I ever get my rear in gear. I also have this terrible sense that people are just saying they like my work.  I find this is a common problem with creative people...a hurtle to get over. 


9. And finally do you have any words of wisdom for other jewelrs out there who want to start making tutorials or want to set up a web shop? that I see what I have openly shared I see that perhaps some therapy would help, LOL
Just go for your research and make sure your videos are quality in production and instruction.  Be yourself and have fun.  It really is limitless but you have to put in the work. Don't fear success or failure (this is one of my troubles too).  Make sure you are doing what you know and love, then confidence just comes and people relate to you.

You can see Liz Carter:

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