Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Latest polymer clay pendants and me

Hi everybody, these are the latest pendant design I've been working on. I really like the open back detail so you can enjoy both sides of the stones glossy surface and vibrant colors. The polymer clay properties can really widen your horizons in regards to designing. I can create a pendant, tear it up, do it again and again until I get it just right. That process can get expensive working with metals.
I haven't been posting as much due to my disability  (wide spread osteoarthritis ) and just overworked muscles just not being able to function. I was unable to work at my desk for more than five minutes! :(
I'm seeing a Rolfer for bodywork. She's helped out so much, turns out my neck, thoracic and lumbar issues are all connected to the way I sit in my chair.
Teaching my body how to have correct posture has been a difficult path. But I know it's for the best. The first week of sitting properly was the most painful since my spine had been accustomed to sitting in a slouched position. Sitting with back straight and pelvis tiled forward has been a real challenge.
I've had to add a pillow to seat to elevate, then added a raised platform on my desk so I can rest my elbows on my desk and work with my hands at a higher position. This way I can work with my neck as straight as possible, no more looking down for hours, hunched over projects.

In the background on the TV, I am watching a vid from Technomadia!

But I am responding well to treatment, my body wants to restore function. I see her once a week for adjustments to my muscles, the rest of the week I work on my posture and resting as often as possible while working.

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